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bbkRC Eco 1.05

bbkRC is a Race Administration and Timing system for Radio Controlled Cars
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bbkRC is a Race Administration and Timing system for Radio Controlled Cars and Boats.
It is designed to run on any PC Compatible computer, and it can be run on Apple Computers with Windows Virtual Machine.
If can be used with AMB-it Identication and Timing (Transponder) equiment, AMB20, AMBrc and AMBrc3. If you don't have AMB Transponder equipment, you can count the cars as they pass using the computer keyboard.

Main Features:
Full Autocount Support for AMB20 and AMBrc, Handout and Personal Transponders
AMBrc connection via Serial or USB.
Unlimited number of Drivers
Unlimited numbers of Practice Races, Heats, Mixed Races and Finals.
- Up to 30 Drivers per Race
- Unlimited Drivers per Meeting
- Unlimited Race Durations - Race to a time or a number of laps.
- Up to 3 Championship Series
- Up to 5 Race Classes
- Optional 1 Round of Time Practice. You can use results to seed Heats!
- Up to 3 Rounds of Heats
- Qualifying Formats: Practice to Heats and Heats to Finals by - Fastest Time, Fastest lap, Best 2, 3 or Total Times
- Mixed Races (Reedy/Stock car style)
- Finals including 1, 2 or 3 Leg and Bump Up (Christmas Tree)
- Comprehensive Automated Commentary and Racer directions using multiple voices, have a whole team of virtual helpers
- Web Publishing (preset Options)
- Full International Crystal Support
- Real Time Qualifying display during Practice and Heats.
- Always know who is heading for which Final
- Full Lap Table during Races, instantly know is someone missed a lap, even if it was 3 laps ago
- Timed Open Practice
- Fully detailed Results Printouts

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